Seiko Sky Professional SBDR005 review

sbdr005j winceSeiko Sky Professional SBDR005 review


Watch History

  • Date acquired: Oct 16th 2003
  • Production Date: Oct 2001
  • Source: Emotus Time Culture, Suria KLCC
  • Price paid: MYR1,400 (USD418)
  • Status: Discontinued



The Sky Professional is a sub-range of the Seiko Prospex line of watches that are meant for the Japan Domestic Market (JDM). As the name suggests, the Sky Pro was designed with aviators and pilots in mind. Apart from having a world time capability, alarm and 100-hour chronograph, they are also equipped with a rotating analog E6B flight computer or slide rule.

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Seiko SBDX005 Professional 600m review

sbdx005 081Seiko SBDX005 Professional 600m review

Watch Details

  • Type: Professional diver's watch, automatic
  • Production year: 2000 (limited to 1,000 units)
  • Retail price: JPY300,000
  • Status: Discontinued



The SBDX005 was the last 600m automatic dive watch that Seiko produced. Limited to just 1,000 pieces it represents a tribute to the classic 6159-7010 shrouded diver that was made between 1975 and 1978. Some say that its sheer rarity puts its desirability well above above its predecessor, the 6159-7010.

Released in in the year 2000, this watch is part of Seiko's Prospex line of professional diver's watches and is marketed as the Historical Collection The Year 2000 with only 1,000 pieces to be shared amongst serious diver's watch collectors worldwide. Before getting to know the SBDX005, it would be beneficial to understand its ancestry so that we can appreciate this phenomenal industrial grade diver's watch.

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Seiko SKX781K Orange Monster review

skx781k face small11Seiko SKX781K Orange Monster review

Watch History

  • Date acquired: Dec 26 2003
  • Production date: 2003
  • Source: Spark Time Trading, Pertama Complex
  • Price paid: MYR480 (USD143)
  • Status: In production



The SKX781K or fondly known as the "Orange Monster" amongst Seiko fans, was one of the watches that I found simply irresistible. Barely three months after owning the SKX779K Black Monster in late 2003, I finally saw one in person at a Mid Valley Mega Mall watch store. Monsters were not formally introduced in Malaysia at the time and I'm sure the one I saw was a grey market Seiko, most probably brought in from Singapore.

It sure was a very sharp looking diver's watch and it looked very attractive hanging on a wooden toolkit-like board serving as the watch display. I was wearing my Black Monster at the time and couldn't help comparing the Orange Monster (OM) with my beloved timepiece. Just sixty seconds into ogling at this tangerine beauty, I knew this watch was going to join my growing Seiko collection! icon smileSeiko SKX781K Orange Monster review

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Seiko SKX031K “Submariner” review

SKX031KSeiko SKX031K “Submariner” review

Watch History


  • Date acquired: July 23rd 2004
  • Production Date:  Nov 2003
  • Source: Chun Cheong Watch & Pen Store, Sungei Wang Plaza
  • Price paid: MYR400 (approximately USD115)
  • Status: Discontinued




Pop quiz folks – what resembles a Rolex Submariner watch, says “SEIKO” on the dial, has a screw-in crown and costs a fraction of the price of the watch that it pays homage to?

No prizes for guessing, it’s none other than the Seiko SKX031K – Seiko’s timeless tribute to the Rolex Submariner. The SKX031K had been available for over a decade (it debuted in 1996 with the introduction of the 7s26 automatic caliber) but Seiko quietly ceased production of this great looking watch by 2006. However, unsold pieces of the SKX031K continued to remain in the market for another three years until worldwide stocks finally dried up circa 2009.

It took me several months to consider one of this timeless classics from Seiko, albeit its design isn’t entirely original (after all, it is a homage to the Rolex Submariner) and I thought the SKX031K would fill the gap between my 200m, ISO-certified Seiko divers and my dressy Seiko 5 timepieces rather nicely.

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An Interview with

In case you haven't heard about, it's a renowned online watch store operating from the island of Singapore in Southeast Asia. It has many loyal, repeat customers and is known for its impressive array of new and discontinued Seiko watches. was founded by Mr Lee Wee Wah since the mid 1990s and is instrumental for stocking and providing Seiko watch parts that no other online Seiko dealers dare to.


screenshot001An Interview with is also one of the very Internet watch dealers that sell Japan Domestic Market (JDM) Seiko watches that are normally not sold outside Japan. It's become a household name in several watch forums with hundreds of satisfied buyers.

Check out this exclusive scoop at GMT+9! Kudos to Bryan Andersen for arranging this first ever interview! icon smileAn Interview with



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Seiko’s New Concept Watch for 2009

mediocritistwince2Seiko’s New Concept Watch for 2009

Ever faced with the seemingly trivial task of picking two or three (or more!) watches to pack into your luggage for a business or holiday? Well, if you were to ask a non-WIS they would give you the same look when their girlfriend or spouse asks you which clothes they should bring to accompany you to the trip.

I’m one of the doomed WIS folks who actually gets a little stressed up planning which three of my watches (I usually take along three) for the journey. One would definitely be my trusty Casio Pro-Trek PRG110V for its high tech electronic compass, atmospheric barometer/altimeter and temperature gauge. The remaining two are likely to be a diver and a chronograph.

Then I’d get even more indecisive – should both watches be vintage or modern…or one each? Would my vintage 6105-8110 diver be more appropriate for tonight’s dinner out in company of good friends? Or should my Citizen AV0030-59 Eco Drive be a better choice instead?

Wouldn’t it nice is someday a watch company would invent something that manages to cram as many features into a watch, plus the proverbial kitchen sink? icon smileSeiko’s New Concept Watch for 2009

Well, we’ll see won’t we?

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Seiko Kinetic SKA013P diver review

ska013p thumbSeiko Kinetic SKA013P diver review

Watch History


  • Date acquired: December 20th 2004
  • Production Date: July 2002
  • Source: Emotus Time Culture, Suria KLCC
  • Price paid: MYR700 (USD212)
  • Status: Discontinued in some markets


    This watch happens to be my first Seiko Kinetic and it took me over a year to decide whether I wanted to try one for curiosity's sake. Coming from a long-running background of owning quartz and automatic Seikos, I had to do much research  on Kinetic watches before contemplating this revolutionary hybrid  movement.

    Prior to my purchase of this timepiece, I wasn't particularly convinced if a Kinetic would make a wise "investment". It was probably due advice from one of the watch dealers that I had spoken to, who said that he had heard of Kinetic owner complaints through his network of Seiko watch dealers. Due to this, he pointed out that he sold only quartz or automatic watches in his store, never Kinetics.

    I had to find out why he wasn't keen on selling Kinetics so I turned to the good old Internet for more information. It turned out that there were articles from dissatisfied Kinetic owners who highlighted the problems that plagued their watches.

    Well, there was some truth in this as far as the early Kinetic watches were concerned. Seiko had since corrected their teething problems and their Kinetic models constitute their bread-and-butter, mid-priced watches.

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