Seiko SKX781K Orange Monster review

skx781k face small11Seiko SKX781K Orange Monster review

Watch History


The SKX781K or fondly known as the "Orange Monster" amongst Seiko fans, was one of the watches that I found simply irresistible. Barely three months after owning the SKX779K Black Monster in late 2003, I finally saw one in person at a Mid Valley Mega Mall watch store. Monsters were not formally introduced in Malaysia at the time and I'm sure the one I saw was a grey market Seiko, most probably brought in from Singapore.

It sure was a very sharp looking diver's watch and it looked very attractive hanging on a wooden toolkit-like board serving as the watch display. I was wearing my Black Monster at the time and couldn't help comparing the Orange Monster (OM) with my beloved timepiece. Just sixty seconds into ogling at this tangerine beauty, I knew this watch was going to join my growing Seiko collection! icon smileSeiko SKX781K Orange Monster review

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Seiko Prospex SBDC001 Scuba 200m review

s sbdc001a1Seiko Prospex SBDC001 Scuba 200m review

Watch History

  • Date acquired: Apr 21 2007
  • Production date: Mar 2007
  • Source: Higuchi Inc, Japan
  • Price paid: JPY47,000 (USD429)
  • Status: In production


    When stock photos of the SBDC-series divers first appeared on the Internet in early 2007, it created huge ripples in the watch forum communities. It caused widespread excitement and speculation among the Seiko diver watch fans. This was the watch that Seiko enthusiasts had been eagerly anticipating for a very long time. It wasn't just the fact that these were entirely new models, they were also the first Seiko divers based on the relatively new manual winding and hacking 6R15 automatic caliber.

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    Seiko SNKF11K “BFS” Automatic review


    snkf11kwince1Seiko SNKF11K “BFS” Automatic review


    Watch History




    I seldom buy watches on impulse. Usually I would conduct several weeks or months of research and mulling about before deciding to buy a particular watch. When my watchmaker took out the stunning looking timepiece out of his box (he hadn’t even had the time to display it in his watch glass case) my jaw simply dropped.

    “Wow! What IS that Seiko?” I blurted out. It wasn’t a Seiko 5 and it was the largest 7s-caliber Seiko that I’ve ever laid eyes upon. It was even larger than the SKX007 and even the Monster diver! My watchmaker said he didn’t know, he had just taken delivery of a new batch of Seikos earlier that morning.

    I looked at the hang tag and it said SNKF11K. I’m usually blasé towards new releases from Seiko (they’re usually a rehash of old models with minor design tweaks) but this one was a totally fresh design. I thought it was one of the very few models that Seiko got it right from the start.

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    Seiko Sportura SNJ001P review

    snj001p1Seiko Sportura SNJ001P review

    Watch History




    The SNJ001P was first Sportura model to use the analog digital H023 module. It’s not the first H023 caliber timepiece - that title truly belongs to the short lived Prospex Sky Professional series that debuted in 2001.

    The H023 also happens to be Seiko’s last analog digital caliber with world time capability and a high precision, 1/1000sec stopwatch that times up to 100 hours. Its successor, the H024 caliber unfortunately lacks the world time function and a second hand.

    This watch certainly has an interesting mix of a dress watch with useful, utilitarian functions. If you had to have just one multi-function watch, the Sportura SNJ001P would be a good candidate. icon smileSeiko Sportura SNJ001P review

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    The little known Seiko 7s55 caliber

     SLX003031The little known Seiko 7s55 caliber

    When it comes to Seiko’s entry level automatic movements, most people will readily think of the well-liked and reliable 7s-caliber automatics that are found in the garden variety SKX and limited edition SKZ divers and of course, the popular Seiko 5 family of affordable watches.

    The 7s26 is perhaps the most widely known movement in the 7s-family and is extensively used in the base line Seiko 5 model. The Seiko 5 Sports and Seiko 5 Superiors are adorned with the slightly upmarket 7s36 movement, which has 23 jewels – two more jewels than what the 7s26 has. Limited production run 7s-caliber divers such as the SKZ203K Yellow Monster and the SKZ201K Seiko 5 40th Anniversary diver’s watches also use the 7s36.

    So what’s interesting about the 7s55?

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    Seiko’s New Concept Watch for 2009

     mediocritistwince2Seiko’s New Concept Watch for 2009

    Ever faced with the seemingly trivial task of picking two or three (or more!) watches to pack into your luggage for a business or holiday? Well, if you were to ask a non-WIS they would give you the same look when their girlfriend or spouse asks you which clothes they should bring to accompany you to the trip.

    I’m one of the doomed WIS folks who actually gets a little stressed up planning which three of my watches (I usually take along three) for the journey. One would definitely be my trusty Casio Pro-Trek PRG110V for its high tech electronic compass, atmospheric barometer/altimeter and temperature gauge. The remaining two are likely to be a diver and a chronograph.

    Then I’d get even more indecisive – should both watches be vintage or modern…or one each? Would my vintage 6105-8110 diver be more appropriate for tonight’s dinner out in company of good friends? Or should my Citizen AV0030-59 Eco Drive be a better choice instead?

    Wouldn’t it nice is someday a watch company would invent something that manages to cram as many features into a watch, plus the proverbial kitchen sink? icon smileSeiko’s New Concept Watch for 2009

    Well, we’ll see won’t we?

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    Thoughts on the new Seiko 5 Sports “Monster Lites”

    snzf45k1wince thumb7Thoughts on the new Seiko 5 Sports “Monster Lites”

    Just when I thought I had seen an interesting new series of  Rolex Submariner inspired SNZF11K/13K/19K sports watches (they were introduced not hardly three months ago) along comes their latest SNZF-series designs that stylistically, reek of the classic Monster divers

    Although no official nickname has been bestowed on this latest offering from Seiko, I kind of liked the suggestion that someone threw in SCWF – the “Monster Jr” or “Monster Lite”. Since this watch appears to be within the size parameters of the original Monster divers, I thought “Monster Lite” would be the more befitting nickname.

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