Seiko SNKF11K “BFS” Automatic review


snkf11kwince1Seiko SNKF11K “BFS” Automatic review


Watch History


  • Date acquired: August 21 2007
  • Production date: June 2007
  • Source: Hing’s Watch Store, Malaysia
  • Price paid: MYR400 (USD121)
  • Status: In production



I seldom buy watches on impulse. Usually I would conduct several weeks or months of research and mulling about before deciding to buy a particular watch. When my watchmaker took out the stunning looking timepiece out of his box (he hadn’t even had the time to display it in his watch glass case) my jaw simply dropped.

“Wow! What IS that Seiko?” I blurted out. It wasn’t a Seiko 5 and it was the largest 7s-caliber Seiko that I’ve ever laid eyes upon. It was even larger than the SKX007 and even the Monster diver! My watchmaker said he didn’t know, he had just taken delivery of a new batch of Seikos earlier that morning.

I looked at the hang tag and it said SNKF11K. I’m usually blasé towards new releases from Seiko (they’re usually a rehash of old models with minor design tweaks) but this one was a totally fresh design. I thought it was one of the very few models that Seiko got it right from the start.

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The Seiko Kinetic: Boon or Bane?

kinetic diagram2The Seiko Kinetic: Boon or Bane?

The Seiko Kinetic. Now that's a watch technology that had initially discouraged and mystified me for some time. When I first inquired about Seiko Kinetics at a small watch dealer, I was advised to stay away from Kinetics as far as possible. He mentioned about frequent customer complaints and warranty claims from his fellow watch sellers. "Stick to quartz or automatic", he advised. "A Kinetic will give you a headache later on".

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Why You Should Not Buy From Replica Watch Sites

replica header1Why You Should Not Buy From Replica Watch Sites


It seems that online fake watch merchants have decided to spread their wings and expand their wares to include Seiko, Citizen and Casio watches. This subject actually surfaced in the Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum several times this year.

Personally, I couldn't care less about replica Swiss watches. There's a healthy market for them and people buy them as gifts, to try them out before deciding to buy the real thing, for safety reasons (they don't want to wear their genuine Rolex Daytona going to unsafe places or events) or just for pure fun. Heck, someday I might get myself a replica Omega Speedmaster automatic just for kicks! icon winkWhy You Should Not Buy From Replica Watch Sites

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How to tell when your Seiko watch was made (Part 2)

closeup small1How to tell when your Seiko watch was made (Part 2)

In my previous article on how to date your Seiko watch, I mentioned the nifty Jayhawk's Production Date Calculator. In most cases it should return the correct date of manufacture.

However, there are circumstances in which the calculator may give you inconclusive or erroneous results. Or no results at all. When that happens, I would resort to what I call "dead reckoning" or rough estimation.

Dead reckoning is similar to navigating your way at sea by orientating yourself with the heavenly objects like the sun, moon and the stars. You won't be accounting for wind conditions and at best your estimate may be a few miles off your actual position. That's when a GPS unit comes in handy! icon winkHow to tell when your Seiko watch was made (Part 2)

Manually estimating the production date of a Seiko involves the element of anachronism. What is anachronism? Basically, it is the utilization of an event, a person, an object, language in a time when that event, person or object was not in existence. In other words, an anachronism is something that occurs out of its proper time. The chronological error of an anachronism can occur in either direction; it can result from something from the past being represented as if it belonged in the present, like an archaism, or it can result from presenting something at a time before it actually appeared, occurred, or existed.

And anachronism is the key to manually estimating the production date of your Seiko watch.

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Seiko SKX031K “Submariner” review

skx031 frontsideSeiko SKX031K “Submariner” review

Watch History

  • Date acquired: July 23rd 2004
  • Production Date:  Nov 2003
  • Source: Chun Cheong Watch & Pen Store, Sungei Wang Plaza
  • Price paid: MYR400 (approximately USD115)
  • Status: In production


    Pop quiz folks – what resembles a Rolex Submariner watch, says “SEIKO” on the dial, has a screw-in crown and costs a fraction of the price of the watch that it pays homage to?

    No prizes for guessing, it’s none other than the Seiko SKX031K – Seiko’s timeless tribute to the Rolex Submariner. The SKX031K has been around for over a decade (it debuted in 1996 with the introduction of the 7s26 automatic caliber) and sales of this model appears to be still going strong despite its age in the market.

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    Thoughts on the new Seiko 5 Sports “Monster Lites”

    snzf45k1wince thumb7Thoughts on the new Seiko 5 Sports “Monster Lites”

    Just when I thought I had seen an interesting new series of  Rolex Submariner inspired SNZF11K/13K/19K sports watches (they were introduced not hardly three months ago) along comes their latest SNZF-series designs that stylistically, reek of the classic Monster divers

    Although no official nickname has been bestowed on this latest offering from Seiko, I kind of liked the suggestion that someone threw in SCWF – the “Monster Jr” or “Monster Lite”. Since this watch appears to be within the size parameters of the original Monster divers, I thought “Monster Lite” would be the more befitting nickname.

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    Seiko SKX007J Diver’s 200m review

    skx007j 2 small11Seiko SKX007J Divers 200m review

    Watch History

    • Date acquired: Jan 26 2005, Feb 22 2005
    • Production date: Nov 2003,
    • Source: Capital Mall, eBay
    • Price paid: USD98 (w/o shipping), USD140 (w/o shipping)
    • Status: In production



    The SKX007 is perhaps the most evergreen diver’s watch from Seiko. First introduced in 1996 to replace the 7002-series divers, it has become an icon of the quintessential Seiko diver. Eleven years on, this model is still sold by most authorized Seiko dealers worldwide to this day. The SKX007 became so popular that it spawned several models based on the 7s26-0020 caseback design.

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