Seiko Kinetic SKA013P diver review

ska013p thumbSeiko Kinetic SKA013P diver review

Watch History


  • Date acquired: December 20th 2004
  • Production Date: July 2002
  • Source: Emotus Time Culture, Suria KLCC
  • Price paid: MYR700 (USD212)
  • Status: Discontinued in some markets


    This watch happens to be my first Seiko Kinetic and it took me over a year to decide whether I wanted to try one for curiosity's sake. Coming from a long-running background of owning quartz and automatic Seikos, I had to do much research  on Kinetic watches before contemplating this revolutionary hybrid  movement.

    Prior to my purchase of this timepiece, I wasn't particularly convinced if a Kinetic would make a wise "investment". It was probably due advice from one of the watch dealers that I had spoken to, who said that he had heard of Kinetic owner complaints through his network of Seiko watch dealers. Due to this, he pointed out that he sold only quartz or automatic watches in his store, never Kinetics.

    I had to find out why he wasn't keen on selling Kinetics so I turned to the good old Internet for more information. It turned out that there were articles from dissatisfied Kinetic owners who highlighted the problems that plagued their watches.

    Well, there was some truth in this as far as the early Kinetic watches were concerned. Seiko had since corrected their teething problems and their Kinetic models constitute their bread-and-butter, mid-priced watches.

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    The little known Seiko 7s55 caliber

    SLX003031The little known Seiko 7s55 caliber

    When it comes to Seiko’s entry level automatic movements, most people will readily think of the well-liked and reliable 7s-caliber automatics that are found in the garden variety SKX and limited edition SKZ divers and of course, the popular Seiko 5 family of affordable watches.

    The 7s26 is perhaps the most widely known movement in the 7s-family and is extensively used in the base line Seiko 5 model. The Seiko 5 Sports and Seiko 5 Superiors are adorned with the slightly upmarket 7s36 movement, which has 23 jewels – two more jewels than what the 7s26 has. Limited production run 7s-caliber divers such as the SKZ203K Yellow Monster and the SKZ201K Seiko 5 40th Anniversary diver’s watches also use the 7s36.

    So what’s interesting about the 7s55?

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    Watch shopping in Kuala Lumpur (Citron Watch)

    DSC00621 DCEWinCE1Watch shopping in Kuala Lumpur (Citron Watch)

    Pertama Complex is one of the oldest shopping malls in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Strategically located at the intersection of the famous Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (previously known as Batu Road) and Jalan Dang Wangi (formerly called Campbell Road). It was first built in 1976 and was the hive of activity amongst local shoppers and tourists alike in its heydays.

    Today, Pertama Complex (literal translation: (the) First Complex) has been overshadowed and outclassed by the ultra modern shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur and in the outskirts of the capital of Malaysia. Tourists, from overseas or out-of-town tend to flock to the newer and bigger shopping destinations, such as the Suria KLCC, Sungei Wang Plaza, Mid Valley Mega Mall and the likes.

    If you’re expecting first class rest rooms, creature comforts, photogenic interiors, modern bistros and Starbucks – forget it. Pertama Complex is a basic, no frills retail center for bargain hunters who know what they want.

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    Seiko SNKF11K “BFS” Automatic review


    snkf11kwince1Seiko SNKF11K “BFS” Automatic review


    Watch History


    • Date acquired: August 21 2007
    • Production date: June 2007
    • Source: Hing’s Watch Store, Malaysia
    • Price paid: MYR400 (USD121)
    • Status: In production



    I seldom buy watches on impulse. Usually I would conduct several weeks or months of research and mulling about before deciding to buy a particular watch. When my watchmaker took out the stunning looking timepiece out of his box (he hadn’t even had the time to display it in his watch glass case) my jaw simply dropped.

    “Wow! What IS that Seiko?” I blurted out. It wasn’t a Seiko 5 and it was the largest 7s-caliber Seiko that I’ve ever laid eyes upon. It was even larger than the SKX007 and even the Monster diver! My watchmaker said he didn’t know, he had just taken delivery of a new batch of Seikos earlier that morning.

    I looked at the hang tag and it said SNKF11K. I’m usually blasé towards new releases from Seiko (they’re usually a rehash of old models with minor design tweaks) but this one was a totally fresh design. I thought it was one of the very few models that Seiko got it right from the start.

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    How to tell when your Seiko watch was made (Part 2)

    closeup small1How to tell when your Seiko watch was made (Part 2)

    In my previous article on how to date your Seiko watch, I mentioned the nifty Jayhawk's Production Date Calculator. In most cases it should return the correct date of manufacture.

    However, there are circumstances in which the calculator may give you inconclusive or erroneous results. Or no results at all. When that happens, I would resort to what I call "dead reckoning" or rough estimation.

    Dead reckoning is similar to navigating your way at sea by orientating yourself with the heavenly objects like the sun, moon and the stars. You won't be accounting for wind conditions and at best your estimate may be a few miles off your actual position. That's when a GPS unit comes in handy! icon winkHow to tell when your Seiko watch was made (Part 2)

    Manually estimating the production date of a Seiko involves the element of anachronism. What is anachronism? Basically, it is the utilization of an event, a person, an object, language in a time when that event, person or object was not in existence. In other words, an anachronism is something that occurs out of its proper time. The chronological error of an anachronism can occur in either direction; it can result from something from the past being represented as if it belonged in the present, like an archaism, or it can result from presenting something at a time before it actually appeared, occurred, or existed.

    And anachronism is the key to manually estimating the production date of your Seiko watch.

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    Seiko SNA141P military chronograph review

    sna141p1 small1Seiko SNA141P military chronograph review

    Watch History


    • Date acquired: May 18th 2005
    • Production Date: July 2004
    • Source: Pokemonyu, eBay 
    • Price paid: USD147
    • Status: Possibly discontinued


      This nice looking watch actually fulfilled two of my personal watch collecting criteria. Firstly, I was looking for a military look Seiko and secondly, I decided to have a representative from the 7T62 alarm chronograph family. I was aware of the various military-styled Seiko 5 watches available, such as the SNK427K model and its cousins but they were non-chronograph watches.

      It took some mulling about for several months before I decided to buy the SNA141P. This model wasn't found at the local watch stores in Kuala Lumpur so I had to resort to buying from Pokemonyu on eBay. I knew that Seiko is notorious for discontinuing models that they feel are not their best-sellers (whether you really like the watch or not) so I made up my mind to get one before the SNA141P was pulled off the market.

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      Seiko Prospex SBDC001 Scuba 200m review

      s sbdc001a1Seiko Prospex SBDC001 Scuba 200m review

      Watch History

      • Date acquired: Apr 21 2007
      • Production date: Mar 2007
      • Source: Higuchi Inc, Japan
      • Price paid: JPY47,000 (USD429)
      • Status: In production


        When stock photos of the SBDC-series divers first appeared on the Internet in early 2007, it created huge ripples in the watch forum communities. It caused widespread excitement and speculation among the Seiko diver watch fans. This was the watch that Seiko enthusiasts had been eagerly anticipating for a very long time. It wasn't just the fact that these were entirely new models, they were also the first Seiko divers based on the relatively new manual winding and hacking 6R15 automatic caliber.

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